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Author has written 186 stories for Danny Phantom, Ben 10, Pokémon, Kim Possible, Monsters vs.Aliens, Fillmore, Duck Tales, Smurfs, Harry Potter, Despicable Me, Phineas and Ferb, Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda, Lilo & Stitch, Disney, Recess, Fairly Odd Parents, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Suite Life series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gordan Korman, Totally Spies, Spectacular Spider-Man, Rugrats/All Grown Up!, Criminal Minds, Lilo & Stitch, Dark Wing Duck, Penguins of Madagascar, Top Cat, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, Sofia the First, Ice Age, Rocket Power, X-Men: Evolution, Little Mermaid, Casper, Simpsons, Avatar: Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, One Piece, Rick and Morty, Prince of Tennis, Law and Order: CI, Star Vs. I've written out all important chapter points and character profiles so I have a concise summary to remind me where I've left off.The Forces of Evil, Hotel Transylvania, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yowamushi Pedal/弱虫ペダル, Jungle Book, Sing, 2016, Eyeshield 21, Samurai Jack, Cars, Finding Nemo, Milo Murphy's Law, Full House, Sailor Moon, and Total Drama series.-Pros of Being Disney Guardians Anyone remember this? Will be finished in about three or four chapters.-Despicable Wedding Sequel to . Interests: Pretty much just watching cartoons and anime.It'll be about six to ten chapters long.-Chosen Girl and the Rise of Voldemort Hoping to get a chapter out sometime this month. That's been my life since I was little, so why change now?I also spend quite a bit of time (probably more than I should) researching Walt Disney and everything related to him and his company. Favourite Shows: I have watched many cartoons over the years, and it's really difficult to pick an overall favourite.

You could say that I'm a newbie when it comes to anime. Disney has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I get to be a mermaid, I get to hang out with Sebastian and Flounder.If I had to pick a favourite genre, it's definitely sports anime. Walter Elias Disney-the original voice of Mickey Mouse, the company mascot. Walt Disney is one of the people I admire greatly and I hold him in high respect. I literally can't remember a day without their magic. I love and adore The Jungle Book with all my heart (and I love Bagheera just as much as I love Sebastian) but nature? A kid from Queens was all it took to melt the ice around Tony Stark's frozen heart.But I can say the day I became aware that I was a true Disney maniac was about the eighth grade. - A series of oneshots that delve into the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker as their lives begin to merge.First Class: Charles and Erik have accepted their roles as guardians and headmasters over the young mutants but there is still work to be done for the greater than typical family.This is a familial and discipline, including spanking, centered fiction.

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