Cosmogenic dating ppt

Energy considerations in geomorphic systems • the systems concept in viewing planets • energy considerations in the Earth system - Earth's internal heat: driving uplift - Solar radiation: driving the hydrologic cycle and wind - chemical potentials (driving weathering) • energy considerations on other planets STUDENT PRESENTATION: Evidence for mantle plumes on Venus. STUDENT PRESENTATION: Dating meteor impacts on the Moon. STUDENT PRESENTATION: Why are Martian mountains and scarps so high?

• What does it take to create a global catastrophe? (Sudbury example; lunar maria) STUDENT PRESENTATION: Gusev Crater on Mars. The Effects of Wind • causes of wind • turbulence in wind • sand dunes and cross beds STUDENT PRESENTATION: The Martian atmosphere and dust storms. STUDENT PRESENTATION: Global transport of dust; impact on reefs? • soil formation on Earth • soil classification • soil erosion processes and rates STUDENT PRESENTATION: Desert varnish on Earth / Why is Mars Red? STUDENT PRESENTATION: What is calcrete (caliche) and how does it form? Hillslopes and mass movements • controls on hillslope shape • the diffusion equation, applied to slopes • slope stability STUDENT PRESENTATION: Erosion "laws." STUDENT PRESENTATION: The 4th Street Slump, Alaska.

Meteor impacts: processes, and resulting landforms • What are meteors? • structural and landscape features resulting from impacts. chemical weathering • key chemical reactions at Earth's surface • weathering rates • weathering on Mars and Venus?

STUDENT PRESENTATION: The Heart Mountain detachment, and related megabreccia. River systems and their dynamics • water flow dynamics • the nature of rapids • alluvial vs.

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Igneous processes and landforms • background on eruption types • Case study of a volcanic explosion, and its aftermath • volcanic landforms of Mars • geyser eruptions STUDENT PRESENTATION: Formation of sugarloafs. Contemporary Earth movements, and dating landscapes • principles of geodesy • GPS measurements • rates of erosion and uplift • paleoseismology • the concept of "steady-state landscapes" STUDENT PRESENTATION: Marine terraces of Papua-New Guinea STUDENT PRESENTATION: Cosmogenic dating STUDENT PRESENTATION: Recurrence interval on the San Andreas STUDENT PRESENTATION: Radar interferometry, and the Landers event K.Karst issues • basic landforms in Karst regions • karst issues in land-use planning L.Climate-Landscape Interaction • Quaternary-Holocene climate record • Evidence for continuing global climate change • Human impacts on landscapes.STUDENT PRESENTATION: Dynamic models relating climate to landscape.STUDENT PRESENTATION: Great Missoula Flood and the Channeled Scablands.

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