Dating for separated people

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... filling for a davorce take time depending on how much work is involved.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. a few things that you should know about seperated men.1 If they still live with ex /run run .there has ben no healing time'2 they live with there ex mother run .3after only knowing you for a short time say less then 2-3 month. about ex 6 then call his\her ex this is to protect your self he/she may still be together.7 If you can't call his/her ex talk to there parents / or a close friend of theres.8 don't be afriad to ask any ?

He\she wan't you to move in4 constanly say's I love you, I love you 5 before you get involved with some one who is seperated. if you have that funny fealing some thing not right then it;s not run run .

I am seperated for more than a year..physical contact for the last year, I live alone .kids are with her ...

Its over between us neither she nor me have a wish to reconcile.

My divorce if everything goes well may be finalised mid next year.i know this fact will make a lot of single women pass me over but my conscience is clear I am truth ful about it in my profile and to ladies I sometimes meet who show interest in me.

When I was actively dating I did not mail any ladies who were clearly looking for husband material....I figured i'd be safer mailing ladies who had the same seperated status as me.

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Case 1- her profile said divorced, later found out she was seperated (hey thats the same status im in but why lie about it)Case 2 - her profile said seperated, which was true BUT she was desperately trying to reconcile with her husband who was not interested as he was now with a younger woman.(if she has not gotten over her hus band -what the heck was bshe doing contacting me)time is relative some of us take weeks to heal some take years or even decades I have this to say especially to those on the rebound irregardless of status, IF YOU ARE NOT EMOTIONALLY READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HAVING A PROFILE ON A DATING SITE SAYING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ONE. Its way too hard to generalise on all separated people.

You should really be assessing them on an individual level.

But I do understand what you are asking I think the biggest concern you or anyone would have is- is their previous relationship truly over before you think about getting emotionally involved with.

Now if they have children you do have to factor in the equation that there will always be that tie with their ex partner and theres not a lot you can do about that and in fact needs to be respected.

But apart from that they should be emotionally and financially apart.

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