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Brotherly Love: Digimon Adventures fanfic, featuring Yamato (Matt) and Takeru (T. Matt just wants to relax after a long day, but his body has a much quicker and effective way... Rite of Passage: Digimon Adventures 2 fanfic, featuring Yamato (Matt) and Takeru (T. ", Daisuke cannot answer until he has tested them all... But this year he was so ill that he could not get out of the bed at all. Dai is trying to figure out what's wrong and Tai and Yama are being cute and adorable!

Forced to audition as a gay couple, Ryan and Troy lock horns with the Ice Queen and Einsteinette, all the while resisting temptation to make like rabbits! and manage to convince Tai and Matt to search in there! ōji Ken, Yagami Hikari and Yagami Taichi (Taisuke - slash, Mild Daiken (-slash), Mild Daikeru (-slash), Mild Daikari) When Kari suggests the group play "Kiss, Cuddle or Screw? with no other outlet, they have to get their Masters' help... Brennan and Cam have to overcome their confusion about Booth in order to solve the murder. [AU, Taito] COMPLETEIs it really impossible for Ianto to spill a cup of coffee? XDA fever and Christmas were never on the same sentence for Taichi.

High School Musical songfic, featuring Troy and Ryan (Tryan - slash). Hikari and Takeru have dropped their digivices at the back of a large dark closet... It's Springtime on File Island, and some of the Digimon are getting fruity... Contamination: High School Musical fanfic: featuring Troy and the entire male cast of HSM (Slash! When the water is contaminated, Troy notices weird changes in his friends' behaviour... When Troy discovers him, he must prove to Ryan that he's worth more than he believes[stalkerfic] [taito yamachi] [shounen ai] Tai and Matt are enjoying the new depths of their blossoming relationship, but when Tai falls prey to unwanted attention, it will test the limits of both love and friendship alike. Read and Find out its a little slow but it get better as it goes on. Just as Brennan and the others find out about Booth and Zack's relationship, a new case turns up that has everyone on edge. When Tai has a free house, he suggests that him and Matt have a game, but doesn't know how wierd its going to get. [Torchwood][oneshot][Iantox Jack][general silliness] also, I want to point out, I know that Pterodactyl's don't have placentas.

Closet Lovin': Digimon Adventures fanfic, featuring Taichi (Tai) and Yamato (Matt) (Taito - slash). So when Hikari purchases blonde and brown hair dyes, and Takeru procures two bottles of their siblings' favorite hair-conditioner, a plan forms in their minds... K.), Agumon, Gabumon, Gomamon and Angemon (Hu-mon pairings throughout). With no money to support himself, he joined a strip club where he sells his body for sex. Troys mom shots him and Ryan, Ryan is in the hospital and doesn't know that his heart could give out at any moment, Troy finally asks Ryan but what will the school think? Warning: Timmy XCosmo,yaoi,slight cussing,little bit of angst. The one that involves lots of alcohol and embaressing confessions.

manages to get an unexpected present from Yamato, one that will certainly improve his opinions on puberty... Hikari and Takeru are fed up of Tai and Matt always going on about how much they love each others' hair. Mating Season: Digimon Adventure 01 fanfic, starring Taichi (Tai), Yamato (Matt), Jjou (Joe), Takeru (T. Digi Daze: Digimon Adventures fanfic, featuring the 8 Digidestined (Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, T. Everything seems okay until Taichi shoots Pepper Breath from his mouth, and Mimi grows six extendible green poisonous fingers... Tai has willingly spent his last few summers there and this year takes a liking to his blonde roommate. Ryan was disowned in the past by his father when he became openly gay. A trip to the amusement park and a little excursion to the fortuneteller are just the push Yamato needs to realize something he's felt for a very long time. Now his real fiancee has come back for him and alot of secrets come out. Now Tai can’t stop thinking about Matt, and he’ll find out the fun way just where curiosity can take you. I can't help it.' A prequel for my story 'He Thought He Knew'.

Digimon Adventures 2 fanfic, featuring Taichi (Tai) and Yamato (Matt) (Taito - slash). So what could a Christmas tree in Shibuya make it up for him? Oh yeah, Taito too but I think that is obvious from the sentence before this ^_^! : Kari, Ken and Takeru stumble upon an ancient tome hidden deep inside a mountain in the Digital World.

Flip Side: Digimon Adventure/02 fanfic, featuring the 8 Digidestined (Tai through to Kari) and their Digimon. Locked in their own nightmares, the Digi Destined must face their fears, and deduce Fantasy from Reality. What's he going to do when he realises that he knew this stripper in the past, and they hated each other?

Yaoi, Fluff, Taito, Yamachi In an attempt to cheer himself up on his birthday, Taichi visits a strip club and unwittingly falls for the stripper.

Will Taichi be able to capture Yamato's heart without his looks?

yaoi warning Entering high school, dealing with puberty, and realizing your sexuality are all painful and difficult. I don't bash any characters ev Forced into an audition for a Gay Couple by Ms Darbus, and locking horns with Sharpay, Gabriella and Chad, how long will will Ryan and Troy be able to keep their thoughts, and bodies, away from each other? When Hikari reads the first entry aloud, the trio find that they have been imbued with something more powerful than Crests and Eggs...

For Daisuke, dealing with these problems will force him to find himself, even if he fights it all the way. :: Slash: Het::Part of The Partygames Series Kari suggests a racy game to play with Ken, T.


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