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by Chris Busby Public schools in Maine pioneered the use of personal computers in the classroom.

When the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, commonly known as the “laptop program,” launched in 2002, Maine became the first state in the nation — and home to one of the first education systems in the world — to put computers in the hands of every middle school student.

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Teens are more susceptible than adults to addiction because their brains are still developing.But interest in porn, and exposure to it, typically begins earlier, in the pre-teen years — the age children enter middle school.In Maine, just as children’s peaked curiosity about sex converges with the hormonal storms of puberty, the state hands them the means to view images and videos of a variety and depravity no previous generation could ever so easily see.And while the technology that enables this behavior makes it increasingly tempting and easy to hide, most schools and parents are still relying on the age-old defense against porn — strong words coupled with guilt — that has never been an effective deterrent.There is technology available to schools and parents to limit access to inappropriate sites, which include not only the millions of porn pages, but those containing graphic images of extreme violence, sites that promote hate speech and terrorism, and Internet chat rooms and other social media trolled by sexual predators.

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