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Today, when the world ever more resembles the foolish rich man in the Gospel parable, when comfort, success and a long life are proclaimed as practically the main values in human existence, we, the disciples and followers of the Saviour, along with the apostle Paul boldly testify: “For me to live is Christ”, and death is no longer the end of our existence.

Seraphim Appatov This year the Annunciation, celebrated on March 25/April 7, falls on Holy Saturday.

Graduate of the Sretensky Theological Seminary Reader Seraphim Appatov speaks about the liturgical and other particularities of the day, given that Holy Saturday is coinciding with one of the Twelve Great Feasts.

Archpriest Chad Hatfield This year, as you celebrate the Divine Liturgy of St.

Basil the Great on the morning of Holy Saturday, be aware this is the traditional time to baptize those whom we have been praying for throughout the Great Fast. Philaret of Moscow We offer our readers our English translation of one of the most acclaimed patristic works dedicated to the significance of our Lord Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross. Schema-Archimandrite Zosima (Sokur) It is the most fearful thing when we do not realize that people suffer through our shortcomings.

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