Is sarah silverman really dating matt damon

I was very sad to learn that the comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have broken up.

I always thought that they were a great couple, a perfect match made in politically incorrect heaven.

I have been a fan of Jimmy Kimmel even before his days on I particularly identify with Silverman because I feel the same way about her critics as I do about my own.

As I state in my inaugural post for this blog (“If the truth offends, it’s our job to offend”), everything a scientist says scientist is either true or false or somewhere in between.

It could not be racist or sexist or offensive or any other adjective. Similarly, everything a comedian says comedian is either funny or unfunny or somewhere in between.

Just like scientific theories are either true or false (or somewhere in between), jokes are either funny or unfunny (or somewhere in between).

They cannot be racist or sexist or offensive or any other adjective. So all of her critics who complain that Silverman’s jokes are “racist” are simply missing the point.

Her jokes are incredibly funny, and that’s all that matters. Her most infamous “racist” joke illustrates my point.

It’s probably because, succumbing to the pressure from the Asian American groups, NBC apologized for the joke (although Silverman herself rightly has not) and the network probably does not rebroadcast the episode or footage since then.

Guy Aoki of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans has publicly stated, on an episode of in August 2001, that Silverman should have said “Chinese people” instead of “chinks.” It’s a perfect example of how politically correct idiots have absolutely no sense of humor.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the joke would not work had she said “Chinese people.”As I point out in an earlier series of posts, virtually all stereotypes (ethnic or otherwise) are empirically true.

If they are not true, they would not be stereotypes.

My job as a scientist is to figure out why they are true.

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