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Rumour has it that the reason why love god Russell Brand crashed his Lamborghini earlier this year was because the windscreen was obliterated by the rollcall of laydeez who have succumbed to his often unfathomable charms. He may boast about his promiscuity and look like he’s been marinating in his own bedsheets for a month.

The 38-year-old is, by his own admission, an ex-druggie, ex-alcoholic and former bulimic who has been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder, and possesses the morals and, indeed, sexual proclivities of a rutting stag. But, as with Kate Moss and Geri Halliwell, he had Jemima at “loudmouth”.

For all his faults – and there genuinely are too many to list – the presenter-cum-actor-cum-comedian-cum-author has one key attribute that leaves lesser (nicer, kinder) men in the shade and casts an irresistible spell over women: the gift of the gab. He, you may recall, from the 1897 play by Edmond Rostand, was the talented but ugly French nobleman whose large nose made him self-conscious.

Although himself in love with Roxane, he agrees to court her with witty, intellectual letters and mellifluous verse on behalf of his handsome friend, Christian.

It later transpires that Roxane was so moved by his lyrical poems that love blossomed despite his unfortunate physiognomy.

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For his part, the Essex-born autodidact has carved a career for himself that, miraculously, has survived any number of woefully ill-judged stunts, proving he can talk his way out of (and, by extension, into) anything.Who can forget how, in 2008, he was forced to slink away in disgrace after his unpleasant wind-up call, on Jonathan Ross’s Radio 2 show, to national treasure Andrew Sachs, in which he lewdly referred to a sexual encounter with the 83-year-old actor’s granddaughter?Or that he was axed from an obscure radio station for reading out pornography live on air.And, of course, the outrage he caused when he turned up to work at MTV the day after the 9/11 bombings dressed as Osama bin Laden (for which he was sacked), and consternation at the 2008 MTV Awards when, as the compere, he described the then-US president George W Bush as (and I dare you not to laugh) “a retarded cowboy fella” who in Britain “wouldn’t be trusted with scissors”.But – and it’s a game-changer – Brand is immensely articulate and funny. His humour may be puerile (see above) but it hits more often than it misses, and it is peppered moreover with seductive erudition.

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