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Full of Memories, Dreams & Informations - Now objects to help for you and e.g. Niño de Cebu and Kaplag Roman Catholic Religious Orders Monasteries, Abbeys and Convents Congregations Churches - Shrines - Mass schedules - etc. for many occasions Apparitions - Miracles - Pilgrimage sites - etc.

Education - "Never forget the roots of your family" Try to imagine, that your grandchildren can´t speak with you in your language...... Bibles, Mass book, Missal, Catechism, Sacraments, Prayers, Prayer Book, Blessings Filipino Saints, Patrons, Patronesses, Blesseds and Servants of God Baptism (Binyag), First Communion and Confirmation Wedding Divorce - Remarriage How to Become a Roman Catholic Convert The Pope and the Vatican e.g.: Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors - etc.

Learn your family the language and the culture of the roots, so your family understand and respect the roots! Masses, messages and Blessings - examples Papal Visit Philippines 2015 and MUCH more! Links - informations - Good to know for the daily life The Church & religious leaders about: Drug killings, Extrajudicial killings, Death penalty, Press Freedom vs Duterte admin & #Walk For Life PH Catholic culture about Death, Wake, Funeral, Burial, Cremation & Mourning Filipino Holidays, Culture, Rituals and Traditions in the family and the church - Etc. Lucy (Lucia) day Misa de Gallo (Roosters Mass) - Simbang Gabi (Updated 2017-12-24) Pagsilang ng Tagapagligtas - ‘nativity of Jesus Christ’ - Belén Christmas Lenten (or Cuaresma) Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday - Semana Santa "Holy Week" (Mahal na Araw) - Easter Ascension of Jesus - Ascension Day Whitsun - Pentecost Undas - All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day Study theology - liturgy etc.

-- It´s a good idea to a start looking the mainpage About Philippines Look MANY IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS (opens in a new window) about our pages e.g.: WHY some can't look the E-mail/Chat widgets! HOW to be sure always to be able to look our pages! The Catholic church and other Christian Media - Etc. Catholic - Ect.: universities, colleges, highschools, elementary school & institutes, etc.

Full INDEX with informations and descriptions of - links to all our pages, NONE of our pages can´t stand alone! Here you can select, just click: INDEX and REMARK The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines Attire and Etiquette in the church and in the cemetery with Basilica del Santo Niño and the festivals: Sinulog St.

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