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Oldest and youngest siblings have well-defined characteristics, but the middle child is a real wild card. All my life, I’ve heard people tell me, "I can definitely tell that you're a middle child." It's the hardest position to grow up in.That said, if you’re dating a middle child, you might not know how to deal with them.Here are 11 things you'll always find when dating a middle child:3. It's not that parents don't care when the middle kid does something; they just care a little bit less.

We just have to sit around and watch other people do and act in ways that we wish we could do. If I wanted a toy, I needed to explain why I couldn't just play with my older brother's old toys.They were usually too worn out by the time my little brother got them, but that excuse didn't work with me.So basically: if I want something, I know how to make you think that 8. Being the middle kid means that you have to learn independence at a young age.My older brother didn't always want to play with me and my parents were dealing with my younger brother being a baby so I had to learn how to take care of myself.So I don't necessarily see doing something by myself as a sad thing.

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