Realdating d0t biz online speed dating for kids

These scripts were used by scammers to perpetrate catfishing and romance frauds.

They were cited as evidence in the trial of Olayinka Sunmola, who was sentenced to 27 years in prison for mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, and interstate extortion.

Using Internet services and apps for dating in today’s tele-connected world can be brutal!

This is certainly our point in this week’s Top Story.

But don’t just read that to understand what we mean.

Read the stories shared with us by a man we call “Abe” in our newest feature article Online Dating Scams.

Based on Abe’s experiences, using technology to find women to date feels more like a stroll through a minefield than a walk in the park. We want to remind readers of these malicious emails that have been targeting people for months and show no signs of stopping.

The subject lines change, as does the short content.

They always inform the recipient that there are multiple messages waiting for him/her. is a database service providing users with access to millions of professional profiles and email addresses. Of course, dog lovers would want to improve their dog’s health and “add years to the life of your dog.” This email claims to expose dirty secrets in the dog food industry that are harmful to your dog’s health. The email came from, and contains links that point back to the domain adroger-DOT-date.Phishers haven’t targeted Apple certified support folks for quite a while but they are back at it now. The link in the email is meant to We found something totally new! Some sneaky bastard is trying to get into these accounts to steal data, no doubt. The email didn’t come from Zoom and the link points to a web page on the official Bar Association of lawyers in Patti, Italy. On January 19, just a few days before this email was sent, that domain was opened but not even correctly registered.Men and women certified to repair Apple devices become members of a service known as GSX, or Global Service Exchange. There’s no Registrant name or address but we can see that the site is hosted by a server in Germany.Check out these two emails pretending to be about a tech’s GSX account. The telltale sign that this was sent by a criminal gang is the reference at the bottom of the email to “Ted Med.” We’ve seen hundreds of malicious emails containing this same reference.This next email inviting the recipient to compare auto rates was sent to us from one of our readers.

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