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Superficial people are revealed and drastically changed by circumstance or luck in this a tale of death, seduction, blackmail and theft among British and Americans in Florence in the ...See full summary » With barely anything to live for, Emman Toledo (Aga Muhlach), a former dancer, is just about to start his life all over again.

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In Los Angeles, California I couldn't even get arrested trying to find this combination and had given up.

I happened by pure chance to walk into a shop that Elena was managing, a costume shop that was located in the foyer of an opera house in Moscow.

As a former professional musician I was intrigued that a commercial shop would be located in such an unlikely location.

When I saw Elena I commented to my guide that if I were to meet a woman, that would be the type (at least as far as looks) that I would be interested in.

My guide took the initiative and arranged a meeting between us. Now, in 2006, we are still happy as clams, have five children and are planning one more.

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