Sex dating in baldwyn mississippi

I have certain preferences myself nothing wrong w it. So yes that's one of my preferences we all Hve em. I'm tomboyish at heart..riding etc. But def know the importance of remaining a lady mixed in with that. If a sexual affair is what ur looking for...that's fine for you. Noones perfect and a good ole cute hard working mature country boy/man is alright w me! Right isnt just gonna drive up and knock on my door. I will listen to a small portion of the other stuff but not much. I can handle very little rap, I like some of the old rock n roll, and a little of the new stuff. Country and Christian is where its at in my opinion. I haven't met one person on here that has been able to keep a conversation going, much less get to possibly a date. Music is important cause I can't date a dude that's gonna try to make me listen to Opera or not even constant rap or blues all the time. So if ur gonna try to date me you need to Hve God in ur heart. But its so polluted with sin and filth no one can make any progress. Its like Ppl don't know how to talk on dateing sites but will get on FB or Instagram or whatever and blab all day.

One more thing is that Im going to have to talk to u for a lil while to get to know u before I just up and go out w u. Thanks Not hard to please on this....a nice dinner or throw a blanket down and look at the stars and talk. Im old fashioned as in men should open doors..come to the door and pick u up on a date. We actually look toward the future with goals and ambition. Because all y'all ones that think these sites are playpens for y'all to see how many Ppl y'all can Hve sex with...y'all Hve invaded all these dateing sites.

If u don't have a picture don't message me! So dont worry w me if u are gonna try to tell me u have no other account but this one. Im amazed at how many men want to act like they dont know this is how dateing goes. The ones that actually are looking for our soul mate, someone to have a family with.

But Im hanging in here cause I just wanna see if this site has any good guys that do take this seriously. Smh Also if u dont hve other social media like facebook or instagram or something then thats a huge red flag for me. Everybody thats real and legit has got a social media w history and present so ppl and fam can keep up w ur life and share memories. I need a real man that knows about respect and how to approach and treat a lady. If i decide to let u take me on a date..u will hve to come and pick me up and take me on a date. Note* Its a shame at how many of us good, single Ppl are around.

I'm not racist I love everyone that's just my personal preference.

I'm aware its 2017 blah blah but I'm not attracted to black guys so y'all pass me by.

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