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50 people were Injurec LThere woro no report3-0t_the_area._ A Pad t Ic. substa-_ confiriued deaths but,'''we are very "concerned tlon near Coallnga " collapsed. w Ttn ajiujuwiynflgrtiiude ol 11; bulidi^ngs that trapped scores or people In the struck at It Sljook the entli r The town was without power as darkness fell.- - Angeies suburb of-Snn Fcniando aiid kllled 04. The telephone Qbout-the possibility or /atalltles,— said Craig --coinpany-buildlng was damaged and maln . GA.-Callf.--T- A-mfli'o'iuqarth:--^Reld Jaf Qrma Uoilorricer^ pflf"" tuimed United Press International ' iolted tji^u i ow i ii Mt/n Uuy. - - -A-G.2-magiiltuiie earthquake .centered near Cofi Unff.i sl nirk l«st Oct. - pe rs Q n8 Hwrg repcrttt H ■ ■ ■ • The scene was one ol widespread disaster. i Um gw'tfi J p hk 'al — nalely Ht-flppear ' Q t thwtate .j ' rrr — whlg h«imiiinrith Bffl gb Ulre J-neld Baid.--- thelr foundations. " we wlir go about trying to replace hlm;"Knlghton Ba Id. ty" involved at some stage -of the, -selec Uoi Lll Jimld change, told his colleagues a favot^ able vote "will .show, whether we f Pippo r* ^^"*-word text saying tbey at this time endorse any specific pcaitl- ..:cal pr oposa l regardhig a freeze .— — Malone-was Joloecl ut st^portlngthe ' freeze by such major diurch figures as Cardinal John Krol of PJhlladaphla and Archbishop John-R. ,-have a Uowed unlimited .d^te and a' possible filibuster. "Fortu- - - people Police were dispatcned to prcveiit'loollng and ? , -Bishop James Malone, vpiingsfown: ohto, yho proppp^search right away, but It will be up -to-the^joa W t o choose exa c tl y h ow. Mi Ieniail T5ffl'«nil^^wje^ prop Mal by Patrick Ahem, auxiliary bishop of New 'York,-woult! U sfloo K uie enure and' helicopters with spotlight^ circled -sina Utowiro Teoahn^^^ — bumedoutof control: Francisco and as Tar east asj^as Vegas. Its A -heavy 'smell of petroleum-hung-over-ih« -At-least wpeopleweiytrimre d, contcr-waaplaced5ml Jeaiwrlheas LQLQQaljnsa^ blackened by clouds of smoke. - , 'f friori In nut nf my h flri- bm-4-d the arms ra ce. -of^he^^Iah6p^'-antl•nuclear-atanco-ln- theli M~o T Tteasan" Admlnlfltra Uon pressure. an effort by: conservative -bishobs to derail the antiiuidear war j. -_ "It Is possible that the bomb was placed in a car or :=jfan3ihl3j»s3lbillty Jflbased Qi^ e - _-«-blowi WJp^^ewcie^were-imind^r Fl blast, lire vehicle ports were taken to Washington for exam'lnatlon,"lhereportsald. "It is not known.whclhcr was dalo nflted .by^ a remote control devlccoranother method," it said. Cambodia (UPl) - Vietnam withdrew a fraction of Its troops from Cambodia — Monday.-sendtng-thousands 'Of-GOIdlers-home- in-a- convoy that stretched for miles on narrow roads cutting through rice paddles. war:lom_ nation omlril M'B y U ll BBt lm at ed-t SOKKKHi'iefiiimefie- " upside down In Uie bed oi a swiu-ftowlng creek at the _5.300-foo Hevelof-Keller Peakrnenr Big^Beartake: X.^ Civil Air Patrol officials Identified the victims as Airman ist Clnss John Jennings.

; Doctors said-'his-recovery-was^'Mhcrc BSlngly-ln doubt." ,- - - -The child underwent two liver transplants within 10 days ia^t month and hassu Hercdr^iralbrypro Wem S. WASHINGTON t UPD ' Somali air defehse imlts^' Tjrrtli(ralrcraft"can1er~^ America 'aursday.-mlslaldn^ ffieiirror SOvrfir-m:ll t~ Ml G-23Pentagon^id Mfln|lay. (elimlniuy::n9Kn:ts^Ddi C3t(^^ -—medical team says that Brandon Hall's lung function ' gradually decreasing." said John Dohlca. —16.- twicc-ln the head in- front of her mother Hird'two -fslsterer^ ; . _ ^ But the chief said the conference _was.cancelledj)n.the^dylctii LIIeimty I Matal to 6Eyear^old girl .-Washingtori Cdunty_Prosccutor_Chuck __ -Ktol UUe-sald Kroll did not boiicvc_it_| _waa_a_e Dod_idea-to.^nako-pub Ili statements on the Incident until in- vestigation? side of the road.- prompting the vehi- - The victim. si Tpped Into extremely criiica J Lc Qndmon Mondayv Hhlungprob Iem3. P nirer- l 4 3 m j r t M ltt Tmd Hheyreturnedgafety:— : io Uwou Tfer^lch was apcrating In the Indian Ocean, ^a Penjj^n^xilcesmanbald. ^S^;^,c; tnth»^..n«rt— ^ow.,10,days_a(ter_hlg_se«)ndjlverjrcnsplant,^the__ about 30O te^t above ttie launcn'p^l 'i£! The report^piepored by a group of Ijibaneso experts, -sald-it-wasjnt clear how_thcjlevi^e_w Midel Ofiated.- : " Police did not immediately release the identity of the 3QTyear:0ld former boyfriend who shot Fernanda Cruz. ' would probably be brought out of the nigged canyon4)y nlghtfa JI. Kflmpucheanif Cambodlan)- pedple from the genocide" of the former Pol Pot "reglmerthcofftdal Vietnam newsagency said in Honol- '■ — Atthe headof theparade columnln Pimoirr Penh was the same battle-scarred' tanit that led Vietnam's troops Into the capital Jan. - — Flannery had said he wanted to meet with reporters Monday to talk al Mut the shooting of Richard i Williams. Authorities \ "sa Id -the -man Twas'kii led -after-he — opened fife on olflcera wlth a semi- — automatic rifle. Iclaho (UPl) - O-year-o Id Hayden Lake girl was t^^cllled over the weekend when she was -^'4hr6wn from' the back of Ickup- Unortinoti Cfleiic:: Deputies ' say the giris' mother. lost control of the car when she reached across the front seatto feedabotlletoherbaby, •Mg;~flnff-nvprporn! -Idaho ,-Department—of^^w-JSn-— "fijrcement DIrector'John Roo'ney said his agency is looking into the shooting. Kootenai County- authorities pickup drifted Into a ditch on the left ^y.. ^ i^Avas ridi ng i n the back of a pickup with The victim was pronounced dead at , •Zher 5-year-old sister. ■■ _ Pen^^n officials said the F-I4s were conducting a phdtographtc mapping mission over the Somallpoit ot Berljenirwh'en ttie Somails-fircd-on Uwm.^wilh:-aih- — -Nntlmi*'"ybwcr-eenera- Joaquln Val Iey-50- miles southwest of ■ was still occupied and pabenis-aodr Both opel-ntlons were 'V tlnit;nrft « Hirigr£flnd Vs AM-2 miia He that exploded w^g Bgcentgrtorthe-Healtii ^VX , '■i? He said the bodies, which \' had to bo carried twlc&iacross the rushing' stronm. Slate Department spokesman Alao' Romberg said: ''h would be nice" If Vie Lnampu Iiedout all lis troops. ■ -Cambodian- Pr Eiidefl LJieiui_Sam rln thanked the Vietnamese for "having spared nothing, not even their 31op(Lt Qjielp Ulbe Eate the. in an invasion of Cambodia that ousted the Khmer Rouge government of Pol Pol. • ' ' Fair ari d warmer througli Wednesday Twl D Faili,- -Burley Riycrt, -Jeram B- ij-Goodlngoreas: '• : ~" - Gcnc rnlly fair tocl By ond Wodncatlay : wiui warmer daytime, tcmpcralurea T Ll Rhtw Inds. due to the Immediate - -:bt^-conducted-on-the-debt Tidden — recession or to other causesjhat will __S3Vashington_nuc Ieai Lplant3. ^ ^-volunteered to consolidate the in- He said the study will try to predict ^^d^mratlon by the council's next meet— the-fate-of-thos«-lndustries after the Mng Junee. — ^ ■ 'all from pickup trucks Chief cancfels confere nce 4il6ffiai Plannory-says ho was-adviscd Mon- day it would le unwise to liold a news conference to discuss the fatal shoot- i Ing ol a"mim~by-po Iire-tm Hl-state— Investigations Into the Incident are -completed. conducting an Inquiry into _ Wt HI;nna' death, officialssald: ' -a'Aliene. Ron Hittle said rescue workers confirmed thai the men"ainaicdin"lhe" :- craft, probably on impact. The statue was erected In im at iainted a nd faced with Io\vered bond ratingsrh'e said, Boise State University economist John Mitchell suggested the formal " study of how local communities cope when the QDamyjhanges.-- yr TT niiirnili HT sk y tnirnm -ij wln-n a_flre WJll Cll Zlind i; the somlwr mood of tlie participants, sm Olderlnff-' bohind'- a wooden " \Vh0^atlrcr G(t-at Tio-mlp& for another Hvc months. whg led the memorial, encouraged the gathering to-koop Tilive-tfte-memoo'-«f-U»- victims.-even- though- It-might-be - difficult to "relive the drama of that executive, added the report should Include " the amount - of-state rc- jitric Uons.^Joca Ldcc Isl5n:_ making authority.-' Reading said the study of Industrial _ changes-will-determine-whelher-a- :.4ead Tf1i»e Id Sio Mlning As30c Iat Ion^ In the mining and lumber "Staid numerous studies already have industries are. ^:-ga^d.eng: Calltl; Son Bernardino County Sheriff's U. Wood Rlwr' :- va Uey: : cenomlly-f Glrtodny-and- • wiui ^wanner- dnytlma-tei ii(gh.ilnthcmlddlc SOstodayai Ntnearii O' ; Wednesday.' li)ws2S to 30. — Mostly-sunny- and- warmer- lodoy-ln- ^Mevfttfft Twi) h- ft -few-hl ifrcloudajyilfltei n Ve Uncsday.'lilgha near CO (odoy ond ; near u S on Wednesday. at — recreation dislrlct.-whlchjurren Uy.ls_ -TWIN FAIXS - A 'l-Win Falln Iems for utnuics~that — morio I-Statuerthe-deprction-of-a- invested in the five nuclear projects; hardrock miner holding a Jackham-, but other local governments may be mer. r; Hat^Imposod-o crime "sodi Btlc" and Kelly a "coward.""? y4 tj^eiay:ftnd:ih ^ you look around, and tirne has slipped away It's nice to know that now you can get Dream Assurance fixjm , an old friend,.

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