Warcraft dating site

Hey guys so i was reading a post not too long ago about someone requesting a website that would assist others in possible finding a fellow Azerothian to find friends, and maybe even more.

I have created a facebook page that is designed to do just that.

facebook.com/grindinglove Its a lot easier to find someone on a free site with no pressure. if we start to pick up momentum I would love to make a guild on a nuetral server that we can all go and play on together!

I mean youre already paying Blizzard a monthly subscription, now you have the oppertunity to find someone with the same interests as you! Besides blizzard already has a place where people who meet on wow can hook up and see if they are meant for each other, its called Blizzcon, more people hook up there then you think, really any sort of anime/game conventions, there is a lot of hooking up.

I will personally monitor the site and make sure that offensive and lude behavior will not be tolerated. The more popular it gets, the better chance we have to get more members, thusly increasing the odds of you finding your next relationship. I do not want to discourage people genuinely looking for someone special.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Quote from A gf of mine;"You know, if you didn't play that damn game all of the time, you might be able to meet someone that you could actually start dating.: Response:"Why, is he bringing his laptop to the bar...?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... "OR you could go to Datecraft (yes, a dating site for World of Warcraft) but alas..days of dating 20 y/o has just slightly passed. "Him: "Are we bringing that one rogue with the crappy gear? Hey~ did you want a Jack and Coke or a rum and Coke?

Wo W= only game/ MMORPG that I have ever played or will play. Been playing since a month after release (my 51 year old friend bought it for me when I was recovering from surgery) and fast forward to present day... Calatria- Knight Champion Guild master of Onara~ Kilrogg server300 members (and counting since forming in September)Met a friend here on POF over the last 3 days and he rolled a toon on my sever. Thanks for coming over into the light to the Alliance!! I can't wait to get to know all of you and start my journey here on POF. Drop a line and say hi and if you get to Portland, I have a cold waiting for you! Cal I played EQ, then WOW when it came out for the first year. I don't think there is anyone out there that totally 'gets' what we do... Went back recently for a bit, but let my sub lapse last month, most of my friends had quit long ago. Server: Skywall Faction: Horde70 Orc Elemental Shaman (Mofojoe)70 Discipline Priest (Mofojoy)Current Guild is hitting TK, Kara(frequently), ZA, Gruul, Hyjal, and sometimes SSC. LOL-Idea of a perfect Friday evening with my guy: Me: "Ok, so the pizza is going to be here in 20 minutes, ok? I loved hunters, nothing beats a heifer with a gun and crossbow and pet. Plus about 100,000,000 baby alts in 63 shaman named Onarousrest not worth talking about On the Aggramarr server Alliance side. But I think I raised at least one of everything, except wizard. Play when I can be bothered to sit down and quest to hit the next for my toon I left my days of dating the 20-somethings behind me a couple of years ag0...

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